Friday, March 25, 2011

principles guiding security officer

Principles guiding OFFICIAL (P3S)

as a member of the security guards / security / security we need to know what it is P3S (guiding principles security guard) so we are consistent in performance of duties and not out of lanes as a member of the security, p3S same function as in the police TRIBRATA Republic of Indonesia, the contents of p3s below:
1.we are security force members, uphold the discipline of submissive and obedient to the leadership of honest and responsible.
2.we are security force members, continues to maintain her honor and uphold the honor of the securities unit. 3.we are security force members, constantly vigilant in carrying out duties as a safety and the uphold in the workplace.
4.we are security force members, always be open, do not underestimate anything that happens in the workplace.
5.we are security force members, is a tough officer, who always acted ethis in enforcing the rules ..
Thus the content of p3s hopefully useful to all the friends force protection / security in the execution of daily tasks, so our task smoothly

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