Monday, March 21, 2011

looking for jobs

seeking job
asalamualaikum wr wb..... in today's seeking job was very difficult, especially kta minimal skills / skill plus there has been no work experience and education is low, just sma / high school only, if you want .. yes indeed start from the lowest level in my opinion, such as office boy, security , massenger / exspedisi / ...etc / dll..tapi in this level in my opinion did not rule out the possibility of getting big income/salary.depending of luck as well, which is important not try do not desperate and always in a relationship / friendship with comrades and interaction us with our work environment for example: boss, or employee of a higher level, because from here usually progress started.the point is maintain good relations with all and want to learn all new things from them .... for exsamples of my friends who just office boy , but he frequently interacted with people in the IT, he not embarrassed to ask questions and try / exsplore himself by using the existing office facilities such as computers, etc., must have permission of course .. or stealing alitle bits slightly in use, when we already know the situation is easy things like that, essentially limits ... because we know of today have so brothers .. we got to knows new things ... more .. my friends as a result they will now understand much about computers, even sometimes he is so often the place to ask for people about which I think they should have more knowledge about the things they ask who my friends are .... back to the subject matter of looking for jobs, essentially for the new do not want to find work immediately wants good start from the beginning (lowest) to work first, learn all things even beyond the job description ... .. Oh no quasi-western point out the things we have to do, because it could be our lunch to go to the extent / nextlevel is higher, do not forget ... if the school could still go school again .... do so little delicacy I hope useful input from,, if we had wells in the field we may ride a shower, if igot more information again .....   I'd love wrote again ,thank you...... asalamualaikum wr wb .....

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