Monday, March 21, 2011

how to make a woman/wife passionate for intercourse(making love)

how to make a woman / wife passionate
intercourse tips
MAKE WOMEN / WIFE AROUSED - A world of pleasure that is associated with the highest female. But this is special for those who are married.But if not through the consent path Qobul then, if there was an intimate relationship with Zina sebt which included the Great Sins in Islam Religion

.... Well for those who are married and Shah, the following quote how to make wife horny ..

1.GIRL LIKE palpable.
Girls like to be touched with indirect touch.For example, before you reach her breast, do the movement once twirled around her breasts, then getting closer and closer until the breasts are most sensitive parts of her nipples.

Relaxation and gentle stimulation are the foundation to arouse lust for girls. Kebanyakan cewek membutuhkan rileks terlebih dahulu sebelum mereka menikmati seks. Most of the girls need to relax first before they enjoy sex. Belaian, sentuhan, usapan atau rabaan secara fisik yang perlahan-lahan dan berirama dan tidak terduga pada bagian tubuh yang bukan daerah birahi sedikit demi-sedikit membangkitkan hasrat birahi yang lebih besar untuk disentuh pada bagian tubuhnya yang lebih sensitif Caress, touch, caress or physically grope slowly and rhythmically and unexpected parts of your body rather than the desire little by little to arouse a greater desire to touch on more sensitive body parts

Touching gently and tenderly add pleasure If this is done then the girl will be awakened from the depths of her passions lust.

4.GIRL LIKE loved and revered.
Praised the girl for having sex makes a girl more and more trust in their partner. Dengan begitu cewek akan luluh dan menyerahkan diri sepenuhnya pada pasangannya. With so girls will melt and give themselves totally to their partner.
This is done to get/reach time for the old guy can hold over's seems unpleasant but it's the best thing to do because girls tend to be much longer in reaching orgasm.

6.GUYS BETTER PART OF THIGH Girls fingering.
If your spouse or girlfriend is wet already overflowing lust, good guy touching the inside thigh partner,Not necessarily open her panties, but can be done with menelusup entered her panties and strokes behind panties do it from behind.Although passion has culminated guy should still be playing for time.This control makes women more freedom to remove properties himself and allow himself to relinquish control to enjoy fondling her partner.

7.Touch her clit.
Before having sex, try to imagine if you have sex without any stimulation to your penis.Course will not be maximal is not it?Touching or stimulating the clitoris in girls vagina girls make your spouse will be overflowing emotions lust so it really time to get ready for penetration in her vagina.

Kissing the hair, forehead, cheeks, rubbing his back, feeling his legs and other body parts that are not sensitive to make a girl feel more appreciated that her partner likes her entire body.By mastering this art techniques and then a guy would know how to make the girl was intoxicated.

that's all.............. hope you enjoy making love.......

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