Monday, March 21, 2011

info about often damaged phone sim card

 asalammualaikum.wr.wb, good afternoon .... .... bro and sist related title above about sim card that is often damaged, in addition to actually do the ingredients to make sim card mobile phone that did adjust the selling price (expensive prime relic card be a better card quality & durable, in the appeal now,with 5000 rupiah,about $1 money, can buy prime) there are other factors trigger the destruction of your sim card, among others:
1.often brought near to the high magnetic bermedan objects, such as tv.etc, because there is a magnet simcard inside the chip, which will be affected when brought near to the high magnetic field
2.handphone in charge / cass / the contents too long, usually asleep ya! Wait for full battery
3.used for browsing too long, because the heat from the batteries was also influential, because it close to the position simcard,
the things mentioned above are the factors causing damage to the sim card, sim card destruction tendency often seen in the intensity of blackberry mobile phone users to use high internet ..
Thus I give you a quick info, hopefully there is no benefit to bro and sist all ..... thanks and keep on moving ..... ..... asalamualaikum.wr.wb

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