Monday, March 21, 2011

how to quickly download youtube

No doubt YouTube is the place reverensi great video.There you can get videos and share your recordings.Often confused some people to download videos from youtube, because it does not provide the download button.
To overcome this, many third party who makes an application or a web that is used to download videos from Youtube.But actually there is a way you do to be able to download youtube video with a very easy way to insert two letters "ok"The trick is as follows.

    * 1 Find the video you want with the search menu on
    * 2.Go to the video then you can play the video.. In the address bar will display the URL = [Code Video].
     * 3.Next to download the video you just write"ok" before writing youtube And then press enter, then the video directly downloaded by your computer.
 With this method, you will get a video with the extension *. flv.Good luck.
*. mp4 http://www. (font color = red) 4.ok (/ font) / watch? v = [Code Video]
*. 3gp http://www. (font color = red) 3.ok (/ font) / watch? v = [Code Video]

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