Monday, March 21, 2011

DNS to speed up internet conection(internet cards that run out quotas)

DNS to speed up internet cards that run out of quotas
 The following is the dns that is worth trying to improve the speed of internet connection that has run out of quotas, they can apply to all providers internet card, I happened to use "three"internet cards, and so far so good ... than none at all, for the record, sometimes one dns higher when traffic is so slow, so yes exercised only, which is faster, moga2x beneficial for all ...... that I love red sign that I often use (for the PRIMARY DNS, under the Alternate DNS), how to get into the setting START-To-SHOW CONNECT ALL NETWORK CONNECTION DIAL UP-right-click an active connection-PROPERTIES-select networking and highlight internet protocol (tcp / ip) click properties select use the dns Following their DNS server adresses-input- click OK ..... that'its! or be set in the modem (Recommended) dns lokal game Local dns games time warner telecom Warner-time telecom DNS server ip 218 248 240 208 DNS server ip for service provider for service providers dns advtg for servc provd dns advtg for servc provd vnsc airtel broadband connection airtel broadband connection

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